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  Chinese School News
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Chinese School News

Dear Parents:

Greetings! As summer vacation is drawing to a close, we believe you all had a wonderful time. The new school year will begin on September 12, 2015, and we will start classes at 9 AM. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier so that everyone will be familiar with the new surroundings.  Please refer to the classroom map (attachment 4) and take your student(s) to the designated classroom.

Parents-on-Duty must arrive by 8:30 AM to sign in. If you cannot serve on the assigned day, please make substitute arrangements with other parents 7 days before your duty date and notify the school via email or mail. If needed, you may ask the School for help. School personnel will provide you other parents’ phone number to you.  After you switch the date with the other parents, please let the School know via email or mail.   Otherwise, a penalty will be imposed. Please refer to the chart under "Responsibilities of Parents-On-Duty" of Parents Guide (a separate document) to find the dollar amount of penalty. Parents Guide includes Information for Parents, Responsibilities of Parents-On-Duty, Registration Information, Withdrawal/Tuition Refund information, and School Rules and Regulations.  They are all very important documents in establishing a good relationship between parents and our school. Please read them in details. If you have any questions, please contact our school administrative personnel.

For those who have not registered during the "Registration Window" in May, please arrive at 8:30 AM on September 12, in Classroom E201 at the Education Building, go through the registration process, and pay the $25.00 late fee.

In order for CCGC Chinese School to notify you immediately during emergency, it is very important to keep your records up to date.  If there is a change in your email address, contact phone number, address, or health insurance status, please inform the school immediately.

Please note we will not have Basket ball class and Chinese Chess class on the first day of school on Sept 12, 2015. For those not attending the Enrichment Program, parents need to pick them up by 11:30 AM.

Our school has grown rapidly during the last few years, and we thank the parents for your cooperation. Please continue the loving care shown to this school by you and your children.

The following documents for the new semester are enclosed:

  1. Faculty Member List
  2. School Calendar and Parents-On-Duty Schedule (first Semester)
  3. Parents Guide - Information for Parents, Responsibilities of Parents-On-Duty, Registration Information, Class Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Information, and School Rules and Regulations
  4. Classroom Map
  5. Students class assignment

In addition, documents needed for registration are also enclosed:
(Please print, read and fill out all forms carefully, and sign your name in the correct place.)

  1. Registration Form: It is best to fill it out on the computer, in order that all information is accurately legible. (See attachment #1)
  2. The CCGC Chinese School Parents Guide. (See attachment #2)
  3. CCGC Chinese School - Statement of Agreement. (See attachment #3)
  4. Check (Payable to: CCGC Chinese School)


CCGC Chinese School