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  Introducing CCGC Chinese School
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Chinese School History

The CCGC Chinese School is sponsored by the Contra Costa Gospel Church, located in Walnut Creek. It is an organization serving the community in teaching the Grade 1-9 students to learn Chinese.

Since the School's founding more than a decade ago, its goal has been the double pursuit of teaching and developing student character. We have small classes (not exceeding 15 students) Our teaching tries to generate the students' interest to learn Chinese, seeking to develop a strong foundation in terms of listening, reading, and writing Chinese.

Besides learning Chinese we also provide a rich assortment of selective courses: history, Chinese SAT, basketball, singing, Chinese painting, table tennis, etc. As the School expands, more courses will be offered to improve the mind and health of students. At the same time, we also provide classes or activities for parents, such as Tai Chi, yoga, cooking, basketball, table tennis, etc. With the help of PTA we sponsor a Chinese New Year celebration each year, as well as BBQ carnival, Easter egg hunt, talent show, and competition in basketball and table tennis. These activities enhance the mutual understanding of parents, and interaction of the community.

The teachers and staff members of the CCGC Chinese School are all Christians, showing great love in caring for each student. Our Bible classes are to teach the students the right life-view and to develop a good character. To look into different aspects of the children¡¦s education, the School regularly invites relevant experts, scholars, and parents, for consultation and holds seminars/workshops on such topics as marital relationship, parent-child relationship, etc. For low income families, we also provide financial assistance in tuition costs.

Curriculum Introduction

  1. "Chinese", from Volume 1 to Volume 9, including Chinese phonetics pinyin, edited and published by the College of Chinese Language, Ji Nan University.

Selective Courses

  1. Ancient and modern Chinese history
  2. Chinese SAT II counseling class
  3. Basketball instruction, in lower and upper classes, with tournament
  4. Table tennis
  5. Chinese painting
  6. Singing, playing (suitable for small children)





Other Activities

  1. Chinese New Year Celebration
  2. Graduation Ceremony
  3. Basketball tournament
  4. Table tennis tournament
  5. Easter egg hunt
  6. BBQ Carnival

Schedules and Activities

Based on Walnut Creek School District calendar, the CCGC Chinese School begins with the first Saturday after Labor Day, and ends with the School District¡¦s semester completion in the following year. Except Holidays, classes are conducted on every Saturday. For daily schedule, see table below.



9:00am ~ 9:50am

Chinese Class 1

Chinese History

9:50am ~ 10:20am

Bible Story

10:20am ~10:40am


10:40am - 11:30am

Chinese Class 2




11:40am- 12:30pm

Chinese History

SAT II B *Enrichment Classes

*Enrichment Classes including Basketball, Table Tennis, Chinese painting, Singing, Chinese History and Chinese SAT etc.
Contact: Carl Yu;
Hsiu Lan Tsui; Pingan Huang
Address: 2460 Buena Vista Blvd., Room E201 Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Telephone: 925-933-0112
web URL: