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  Chinese School - Parent's Guide
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Chinese School - Parent's Guide

CCGC-Chinese School - Parents Guide

Revised 5/11

1. For fall semester registration, each student receives textbook(s) and workbook(s). If any is lost during the semester, the parents need to repurchase the item, purchase being based on current prices.

2. When the student is attending class, he/she needs to bring the textbook, the workbook, and pencils. Do not let the student bring toys or other unnecessary items to school/class.

3. If a student needs to be absent from the class, parents should contact the class teacher. If a face to face meeting with a teacher or school personnel is needed, please inform the school personnel.  The meeting will be conducted on Saturday at school.

4. Please be punctual for student's arrival and pick up (Arrival at 8:55 AM; Departure at 12:20 PM.)  If a student does not attend the Enrichment Program, the departure time is 11:30 AM. If students stays after the after the regular school hours, the parents of the students will be responsible for the well being of the students.  

If a student needs to leave early from class, the parents of the student must inform the teacher in class before leaving school.

5. After classes are over, parents must pick up the students within 10 minutes (i.e. before 12:30 PM.). Otherwise, the Chinese School is not responsible for any unforeseen problems.

6. If pertinent information has changed, such as Email address, telephone number, address, or health insurance coverage, parents must notify the School immediately to minimize any problems of contacting parents.

Responsibilities of Parents-On-Duty (Three parents or families are needed every Saturday.)

Please Note:  It is the parents' responsibility to remember the duty date.  Beginning in 2009, the PTA Chair or the School will no longer remind the parents-on-duty regarding the date.

1. Parents must arrive before 8:30 AM, to help School personnel to get classrooms ready.  They also need to stay until 12:40 PM to assist School personnel to clean up the classrooms before leaving. The Parents-On-Duty need to sign in before 8:30 AM and sign out after 12:40 PM. If they are not available to perform the duties, please find substitutes and notify the school (via email or mail) 14 days in advance.  The substitute then reports to School on the day of duty. 

The school may help parents find substitutes by providing a list of parents-on-duty phone numbers.  Again, it is parents’ responsibilities to contact them, get agreement with them, and notify the school via email or mail.  The email or mail will be the evidence for changing the duty dates.  Penalty applies to "no show" or "late arrival" or "leaving early".

Penalty fee will result due to tardiness or absence or leaving early. The fees are as follows.

Time                                         Penalty
8:30-8:45 AM                           $25.00
After 8:45 AM                          $
Before 12:40 PM                      $50.00
Absence (Whole school day)   $100.00

A $100.00 duty fee deposit will be required at registration. If the family performs their duty on time and complete, the $100.00 will be applied to the next semester's registration. If student does not continue in this school, we shall refund the $100.00 if no penalty applies.

Please Note that if parents prefer not to perform the school duties, a waiver fee of $80.00 will be assessed during the school registration.

2.  The School will arrange for the parents to serve the School again for the next semester if they are late or no show or leaving early in the current semester.  

3. Keep order at school (during class and recess time.) Make sure students do not take School belongings, and make sure students do not fight with other students.

4. During recess, do not allow students to play with the elevator.  Please pay special attention to their safety.  Duties include:
      1. Parking lots                                                            one family
      2. Education Building (restrooms and classrooms)   one family
      3. Playground                                                             one family

5. At 11:20am, parents-on-duty need to get the classroom ready for the Enrichment Program.

6. During the Enrichment Program, please help the class teacher set up the equipment if needed.

7. At 12:20pm, parents-on-duty need to help school personnel to put aside the tables and chairs, then can they sign out.

Registration Information

Registration for the new semester takes place during the last two school days of each semester. Late registration fee is $50.00.  At registration time during the end of the second semester, parents can obtain textbook(s) and workbook(s) for the fall semester. If any is lost, repurchase will be based on the price current at time of purchase.

Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Information

1. Withdrawal before the start of the semester entitles a full refund.
2. Withdrawal before the fourth week entitles a refund of one half of tuition.
3. Withdrawal after the fourth week will not have any tuition refunded.

To withdraw a student from school, the parent must provide a request in writing. Email is acceptable.  The refund may not include the cost of textbooks and workbooks.

School Rules and Regulations

The name of our school is CCGC Chinese School. Our classroom teachers will also serve as counselors for students. If students commit offenses, teachers will talk to them individually, or will notify their parents for further resolution. In order for students to follow rules in a clear manner, the following rules and regulations have been set up.

1. Honor your elders, your teachers, and be friendly and loving to your fellow students.

2. During class, teacher permission is required if a student wants to leave his or her seat.

3. During school sessions, a student

   Must not leave school/class arbitrarily;
   Must not play or play with the piano;
   Must not use the white-board or chalk-board without teacher permission;
   Must not take things from the classroom or closet;
   Must not take any food from the refrigerator;
   Must not throw trash except at designated places; must not open drawers;
   Must not disturb other students;
   Must not play with the elevator;
   Must not damage any school possessions, including the playground.

4. During class, a student must not speak arbitrarily or make noise; must not bother other students, must raise a hand before asking a question; must avoid arguments and fighting; must not consume any food.

5. The School will not tolerate any students who violate the above rules.  If a violation happens for the first time, the student will be warned, second time, will notify the parents, and the student will not be admitted to school upon a third violation.

6.  During school, if any student threatens classmates with any items that could cause physical harm, or if students are involved in a fight, the student(s) will be released from school immediately and will not be admitted to the School again.

The rules and regulations above must be followed by all students. We ask the parents to cooperate in requiring your children to obey these rules and regulations.   

If you have read and agree with this Parents Guide of  CCGC Chinese School, please sign on "CCGC Chinese School - STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT".